Injectables for Jawline Slimming and Contouring in Toronto

Masseter muscles or posterior muscles of the jaw are used for chewing or clenching the teeth. Overuse of these muscles from teeth grinding or clenching can cause them to become enlarged, giving you the appearance of a square jaw. This square or rectangular face shape from a bulky jawline may give some people a more masculine appearance that they may want to correct. Want to improve a prominent, disproportionate, or asymmetric jaw that’s caused by overly large jaw muscles? Masseter Botox® from Toronto’s Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic, which patients sometimes call, “masseter muscle Botox®,” “Botox® jaw reduction,” or “jawline Botox®,” is a treatment used for jawline reshaping, to enhance the appearance of the lower face.

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Masseter Muscle Botox® Facts: What is Masseter Botox®?

In addition to enlarged muscles from overuse, a loss of facial density can cause skin to be less firm and elastic, so the jawline may become less defined. Masseter Botox® is formulated with botulinum toxin type A and works by blocking the jaw muscles’ ability to contract. Eventually, the jaw muscles will naturally decrease in size and prominence, reducing the width of the jaw. This masseter muscle reduction Botox® treatment has the aesthetic benefit of slimming the lower face, creating the appearance of a more refined and contoured jawline. Masseter Botox® can also give you a softer, more balanced, and feminine appearance and improve facial proportions by slimming the lower face.

How much does Botox® cost? What is the price of masseter Botox®? It goes without saying that cost will be a factor you consider for injectable treatments. We will explain more about the cost of masseter Botox® when you meet with us.

Botox® and TMJ: Is Masseter Botox® Beneficial for Jaw Pain?

Although we use masseter Botox® for cosmetic purposes such as jawline slimming, by reducing the clenching of the jaw, this treatment can also be beneficial for temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ disorders) that cause symptoms such as jaw pain or soreness and tension headaches. Botox® for TMJ, also known as jaw Botox® for TMJ or Botox® for jaw clenching can help to relieve the pain and tension caused by these disorders. Masseter Botox® for teeth grinding or bruxism has also been proven to be an effective treatment.

What is the Procedure for Masseter Botox®?

The masseter Botox® procedure is completed in a few minutes and there’s almost no recovery time. The number of units needed will vary depending on the degree of muscle enlargement. The results will finalize within the next ten days.

Masseter Botox®

Best for:

      • Jawline slimming and tightening
      • Improving neck and jawline definition
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Who is a Good Candidate for Masseter Botox®?

If you think masseter muscle Botox® could be a good option for you, we can meet with you for a consultation to determine whether this is the right approach. The ideal candidate for masseter Botox® would be someone who has enlarged masseter muscles and wants their jawline to look less heavy or bulky. However, masseter Botox® might not be recommended for those who have age-related laxity and sagging in the jaw area.

Results and Recovery from Masseter Botox®

No downtime or recovery time is necessary after masseter Botox® and just like other Botox® treatments, this is a temporary treatment with results that last several months.

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Masseter Botox® and Jowls: Is Sagging from Masseter Muscle Botox® Likely?

Patients are often curious about whether jowling is a side effect of masseter Botox®. Many are concerned that if the underlying jaw muscle sinks, there will be less support for the chin. This is a common misconception but there is absolutely no evidence that masseter Botox® will cause jowls.

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Beyond Masseter Botox®: What Else is Botox® Used For

Masseter Botox® or masseter muscle Botox® is one of the many treatments available. This product can also address wrinkles and other types of aesthetic concerns.

Botox® brow lift elevates the height of the eyebrows to improve hooded eyes.
Botox® under eyes reduces horizontal wrinkles and “jelly roll” muscle below the eyes and Botox® around eyes is also used for crow’s feet.
DAO Botox®, also called Botox® for marionette lines or Botox® for smile lines improves a downturned mouth and wrinkles around the mouth.
Chin Botox® reduces wrinkling or dimpling caused by muscles in the chin.
Trapezius Botox® sculpts and slims the shoulders and neck area.

Botox® for migraines provides relief for chronic migraine headaches.

Which Procedures Complement Masseter Botox®?

If you have been looking for, “Masseter Botox® near me,” “Botox® for jaw clenching near me,” or “Botox® for TMJ near me,” there are also some other procedures available at Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic for enhancing the lower face and jaw area. We also provide jawline contouring with injectable fillers.

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