Get Youthful Looking Skin with Advanced Infrared Light Technology in Toronto

Aging, sun damage, and gravity cause skin to lose its elasticity. As the skin loses its ability to produce collagen and elastin, it can no longer snap back into place as easily when it is stretched. SkinTyte® at Toronto’s Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic is a leading-edge light treatment for addressing sagging skin and restoring a youthful look without the need for surgery or significant downtime. Using broadband light (BBL) to send heat deep into the skin and promote the body’s natural healing process, SkinTyte® can achieve stunning results that were previously unattainable through non-surgical procedures.

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What is SkinTyte®?

Sagging skin, which is common on areas such as the jowls, chin, neck, upper arms, and stomach, is one of the most obvious signs associated with aging. It can also occur due to other factors such as weight loss, sun exposure, cigarette smoke and other pollutants in the environment, and pregnancy.

SkinTyte® is a non-invasive, light-based treatment that produces visible as well as infrared light to address skin laxity and restore a youthful appearance to the skin. SkinTyte® can be safely used on the face, neck, décolletage, abdomen, and anywhere else on the body where there is mild sagging. The pulses of light that the device gives off stimulate collagen regeneration and this creates a framework to provide support for the skin. At the same time, they cause the existing collagen fibers in the skin to contract. The increase in collagen improves the tightness and firmness of the skin on any area. All skin types can benefit from this treatment. Treatments can be customized to fit your unique skin type, treatment area, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals.


Best for:

      • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
      • Loss of Elasticity
      • Dilated Pores
      • Sagging Skin
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SkinTyte® Procedure Details

The device that is used for SkinTyte® treatments is also used in BBL. This device is passed over the skin four times and gentle heat is sent to the treatment area as a way of encouraging collagen growth. Each pulse creates a sensation of heat. SkinTyte® is usually well-tolerated and no anesthetic numbing cream will be necessary. An optimal temperature for the skin’s surface is maintained throughout the treatment to ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible. The sensation is often described as feeling similar to a hot stone massage. It takes around thirty minutes for the face and neck to be treated.

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Results and Recovery from SkinTyte®

It’s normal to experience mild side effects including swelling, redness, and tightness for a few minutes. As there is no downtime for SkinTyte®, patients can go back to their normal daily activities right away. Another benefit of this procedure is that the results from a series of treatments are long-lasting because it promotes the natural healing processes as a way of gradually tightening the skin. A new, strong collagen layer is built and with optimal maintenance, this can last for twelve months or longer.

A series of SkinTyte® treatments is performed within four to eight weeks. The length of the series varies depending on several factors including the depth and coverage of the treatment, along with the health and integrity of the patient’s skin. The number of SkinTyte® treatments each patient will need will vary depending on how severe their skin laxity is but the majority will need three to five treatments to maximize results.

We will examine your skin during your consultation and help you decide how many SkinTyte® treatments you will need based on your skin type. It’s likely that you will notice the optimal results appear starting at twelve to sixteen weeks following your treatment series. It takes time for collagen to form in the skin, so it will gradually improve. The skin will ultimately develop a youthful, tighter appearance.

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Which Other Energy-Based Cosmetic Treatments Are Available?

Other energy-based procedures are also available for enhancing the skin including photofacial for addressing irregular pigmentation, spider vein removal, and laser hair removal. SkinTyte®can be combined with laser procedures such as HALO® and Forever Young® BBL or injectables like Sculptra® and other dermal fillers to maximize results. Microneedling is another type of skin rejuvenation treatment that creates tiny, controlled injuries as a way of kickstarting the natural healing processes of the skin and promoting gradual collagen growth.

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