Injections for More Prominent, Sculpted Cheeks in Toronto

Whether you want to restore fullness to cheeks or have always been bothered by having flat, poorly defined, or low cheekbones, cheek fillers from Toronto’s Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic produce a more volumized, defined, and lifted appearance. High cheekbones and full cheeks are associated with a youthful appearance. A combination of factors such as aging, significant weight loss, or genetics can cause the cheeks to become hollow or sunken. Many people may be bothered by the loss of fullness from the cheeks that causes a sunken, flattened, or sagging appearance. Cheek fillers improve the balance and lift of the entire face.

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What are Cheek Fillers?

Cheek fillers are types of injectable fillers that are designed to raise the volume of the area above and around the cheekbones. They can make the bone structure appear to be sharper and more sculpted to add dimension if the patient wants a more lifted appearance. Alternatively, cheek fillers can add fullness to restore a rounder, younger appearance to the cheeks. They also help to lift the jowls and the whole face.

These fillers can also reduce wrinkles on the cheek areas. Many of the fillers used for cheek enhancement contain hyaluronic acid (HA) as their main ingredient. HA is a molecule found naturally in the body that can hold up to one thousand times its weight in water and it keeps skin hydrated. HA fillers are usually the preferred choice for the cheeks as they are easily reversible and adjustable. Other types of long-lasting fillers are also provided by Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic. One example is Radiesse®, a calcium-based filler, that creates a balanced and lifted look while stimulating the patient’s own collagen to improve skin laxity.

Cheek Fillers

Best for:

      • Correcting volume loss
      • Facial support
      • Facial rejuvenation
      • Improving balance and symmetry
      • Lifting lower face areas like laugh lines, marionette lines and jowls.
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Who is a Good Candidate for Cheek Fillers?

Cheek fillers are ideal for lifting droopy areas on the cheeks and sides of the face. Patients who are in good physical health and maintain realistic expectations may be eligible for cheek fillers. Patients who have certain bleeding disorders, are allergic to the ingredients in facial fillers, or are pregnant or breastfeeding may not be suitable candidates.

Cheek Fillers Procedure Details

Patients should avoid taking blood thinning medications such as aspirin for two weeks prior. Cheek fillers are injected deep into the cheek area either for correction of age-related loss of collagen or to enhance the projection and definition of the cheeks. The procedure is simple and completed in around twenty minutes. A topical anesthetic can be applied to the skin before injections begin. You may experience some pressure but there usually isn’t any intense discomfort. Multiple areas of the cheeks can be injected to improve the appearance of the face and injectors aim to sculpt the most balanced appearance for each unique face shape.

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Results and Recovery from Cheek Fillers

Results are immediately visible from cheek fillers, but it may take a few days for the fillers to settle into position. Patients should avoid touching their face too much or sleeping in positions that place pressure on their cheeks and keep their skin clean and dry to reduce the risk of infections. Don’t engage in strenuous exercise for the first forty-eight hours. Patients may experience some minor, short-term side effects such as bruising and swelling that resolve within seven to ten days. The lifespan of cheek fillers all depends on which type of filler is chosen and the individual’s metabolism, but they may last between eight months to two years in most cases. Gradually the filler dissolves until it is no longer noticeable.

Chin Fillers
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Alternative Treatments for Facial Contouring

A wide range of options for facial contouring with injectable fillers are available from Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic including lip fillers, undereye fillers, chin fillers, jawline contouring, and Sculptra®. These injectables improve thickness beneath the skin to reshape various areas of the face.

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