Restore the Natural Beauty of Your Skin with Light Therapy Procedures in Toronto

Broadband light (BBL) at Toronto’s Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic is the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) device available worldwide. This leading-edge light-based device enhances the appearance of the skin, making the complexion look smoother, brighter, and more vibrant. BBL technology can address many types of imperfections or irregularities that affect the skin’s surface as well as pigmentation issues in the deeper layers. It targets skin imperfections that are linked to aging, active lifestyles, acne, loss of elasticity, and sun damage. The collection of light-based treatment options from Sciton includes BBL® HERO™ Face, BBL® HERO® Body, Forever Bare BBL®, Forever Clear® BBL, and Forever Young® BBL.

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What is BBL?

BBL, which is a more advanced version of intense pulsed light (IPL), is a gentle procedure that’s sometimes called a photofacial. This treatment utilizes light rather than a laser, so it is less invasive and gentler for the skin. It improves common skin concerns and promotes the production of collagen. BBL is typically used in treatments for skin that has been damaged from stressors such as sun exposure, harmful skin care products, pollution, and conditions such as rosacea, acne, and vascular lesions.

Broadband Light (BBL)

Best for:

      • Small Blood Vessels
      • Telangiectasias
      • Red Scars
      • Hemangiomas
      • Port Wine Stains
      • Rosacea
      • Venous Malformations
      • Sun Damage
      • Fine Lines
      • Wrinkles
      • Scars
      • Enlarged Pores
      • Pigmented Lesions
      • Redness
      • Uneven Skin Tone and Texture
      • Loose or Sagging Skin
      • Melasma
      • Hyperpigmentation
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Types of Broadband Light Treatments


BBL® HERO™ Face and Body phototherapy treatments are used to address uneven pigmentation including brown and red spots on the face. They treat freckles, age spots, cherry angiomas, rosacea, dull complexion, acne, skin laxity, and unwanted hair. You will notice an improvement in your skin’s appearance after just one to two sessions.


BBL® HERO Body® is designed for full body treatments. Large areas such as the back, arms, and legs, can be treated in just a few minutes. This BBL treatment revitalizes the skin and reduces blemishes from head to toe for a more youthful appearance. These gentle treatments cause little to no discomfort. Multiple areas of the body can be targeted at the same time.

Forever Bare BBL®

Forever Bare BBL® is a hair reduction treatment that applies heat in an even fashion to hair follicles, not missing as many areas as traditional hair reduction treatments. The Forever Bare treatment can be used on the chin, neck, chest, arms, legs, and abdomen. Light is converted to heat and prevents hair follicles from growing on the treatment area. No anesthetic is needed. In addition to removing unwanted hair, it can also enhance the general quality of the skin with no downtime. A series of six to eight treatments will usually be needed to optimize results.

Forever Clear® BBL

Forever Clear® BBL reduces active acne and discoloration without the need for creams or medication. Unlike medications and skin care regimens, this technologically advanced treatment won’t get in the way of an active lifestyle. During this procedure, light energy reaches the deep layers of skin, stimulating and regenerating skin cells. This is a safe, comfortable treatment for patients in any age group including teens and adults.

Blue, yellow, and infrared light are combined to get rid of acne-inducing bacteria while reducing inflammation and stimulating the body’s natural healing process. The device first gives off blue light to treat bacteria deep in the pores then yellow light reduces inflammation and post-acne redness. The sapphire end of the applicator helps to keep the skin cool and comfortable during the procedure. We will help you create a personalized plan to preserve healthy, clear skin. Most patients will need to have four to six treatment sessions initially but the number you will need depends on how severe your active acne and scars are. All skin types can be treated almost anywhere on the face and body.

Forever Young® BBL

Many people are concerned about wrinkles and spots on the skin that make them appear older. Forever Young is ideal for skin maintenance and restoring a refreshed, rejuvenated, and younger-looking appearance. Patients who have experienced sun damage may be excellent candidates. The sapphire end of the applicator is designed to increase comfort levels and cool the skin. Forever Young addresses age spots, redness, freckles, small blood vessels, unwanted hair, active acne, and more.

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How Can You Prepare for Broadband Light?

The first step is to have an initial consultation with our team at Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic to find out whether you are eligible for broadband light treatments. You will need to prep your skin for these treatments. Before any type of broadband light procedure, patients will have to prepare by ensuring their skin doesn’t get tanned and avoiding spray on tan. Stay out of the sun for four to six weeks before and after your treatment as it will work best on light, untanned skin. Waxing, chemical peels, and certain skin care products such as retinol should be avoided.

BBL Procedure Details

Light energy gently heats the upper layers of skin and when the heat is absorbed by the skin cells it promotes skin cell regeneration. Broadband light treatments are customized to fit your skin type and goals. This is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that usually doesn’t cause much discomfort other than a mild warmth or “rubber band snap” sensation. Treatments last for a duration of anywhere from a few minutes to one hour.

Results and Recovery from BBL

It’s common to experience some burning, swelling, redness, and warmth in the skin that feels like a sunburn. These minor side effects may last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Pigment may rise to the surface of the skin, darken, then fade and peel off. Each individual’s treatment plan will be tailored to their specific needs. Little to no downtime is needed, and patients can resume their normal activities after broadband light. Follow the guidelines for aftercare, such as limiting sun exposure.

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What Are Some Other Laser-Based Treatments Aside from BBL?

A complete range of light and laser-based procedures are offered at Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic including HALO®, a laser treatment that restores more glowing, radiant skin, SkinTyte®, another laser option that makes skin firmer and tighter, photofacial, spider vein removal, and laser hair removal. BBL® HERO™ Face and Body can be combined with other broadband light treatments to optimize results. Broadband light treatments are also commonly combined with HALO® for enhanced phototherapy and to maximize reduction of superficial pigmentation by fading redness and spider veins.

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