Botox® For Sweating to Stop Dripping Palms and Stained Clothes in Toronto

Hyperhidrosis treatment from Toronto’s Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic with Botox® helps you to reduce sweaty armpits, palms, feet, and other areas. It’s normal to sweat when you’re exercising or exposed to heat but if you are sweating profusely at times when other people wouldn’t, you might have hyperhidrosis. This is an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition that causes the body to sweat more than necessary because the sweat glands are overactive for no apparent reason. Botox® is a treatment that has both medical and cosmetic uses. It is used for hyperhidrosis treatment as it helps to reduce sweating in specific areas of the body.

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What is Botox® for Hyperhidrosis?

Botox® contains a diluted form of botulinum toxin type A that affects the activity between nerves and sweat glands. It not only reduces the activity of facial muscles when used to treat wrinkles, but also disrupts sweat glands. In hyperhidrosis treatments, this neuromodulator works by blocking the chemical that activates the body’s sweat glands.

Injections of Botox® for these treatments block a chemical messenger called acetylcholine that normally binds with sweat gland receptors and stimulates the release of sweat. When the connection is blocked between the nerves and glands, the sweat glands cannot be triggered to sweat in that particular area of the body. Hyperhidrosis treatments with botulinum toxin are safe, minimally invasive, and highly effective for providing relief from sweaty armpits or other areas of the body that are prone to severe sweating. Injections in the underarms usually do not cause much discomfort.


Best for:

      • Underarms
      • Palms of hands
      • Feet
      • Scalp
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Who is a Good Candidate for Hyperhidrosis Treatments with Botox®?

Patients who have been searching for ways to reduce excessive sweating that interferes with their quality of life and have been unable to find relief for excessive sweating through alternative methods may be ideal candidates for hyperhidrosis treatments with botulinum toxin injections. These hyperhidrosis treatments are only recommended for patients over the age of eighteen.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Procedure Details

To prepare for injections to treat underarm sweating, it’s recommended that you avoid shaving your armpits for three to four days before. Each hyperhidrosis treatment session lasts for around forty-five minutes on average. It usually takes just ten minutes for the injections themselves to be completed on both underarms. After the targeted areas have been marked off, a very fine needle is used to deliver the medication directly below the surface of the skin in a grid pattern with sites spaced a few centimeters apart. Ice, a numbing agent, or a local anesthetic will be provided to reduce discomfort.

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Results and Recovery from Hyperhidrosis Treatments

It’s safe to go home immediately after Botox® for excessive sweating. There are usually some minor side effects after hyperhidrosis treatments including mild soreness, redness, and bruising. These side effects resolve on their own within a few days. Heavy exercise should be avoided if you have had hyperhidrosis treatments on the underarms. You should also not have hot showers or baths for the rest of the day.

Patients will usually be able to return to work after one day. It may take between two to four days for the results of hyperhidrosis treatments to kick in and at least two weeks for the full effects to be seen. Hyperhidrosis treatments with botulinum toxin are temporary so maintenance injections will be needed to preserve the effects. The results last for around four to twelve months. Avoid wearing deodorant or products with perfume that could cause irritation for the first twelve to twenty-four hours.

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Which Other Cosmetic Treatments Are Available?

Botox® from Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic is also used for other purposes in addition to hyperhidrosis treatment such as softening expression wrinkles caused by repetitive facial movements and face slimming. Dysport® is another wrinkle injection that is derived from botulinum toxin type A and works the same way to reduce muscle contractions as a way of minimizing or preventing wrinkles. Injectable fillers are soft gel implants that are commonly used to reduce wrinkles associated with collagen loss and other forms of damage or to improve facial contours.

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