Injectable Fillers for a Rounder, Perkier Butt in Toronto

If you want your butt to be curvier and rounder, a Sculptra® butt lift at Toronto’s Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic is a treatment with biostimulatory fillers that can improve its shape. An injectable butt lift involves the use of fillers to add natural roundness, fullness, and subtle lift to the buttocks area with minimal recovery time.

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What Causes the Butt to Lose Its Shape?

There are several conditions that can cause the butt to have a flat shape, including sitting for too long, lack of exercise, sleeping in a fetal position, and repetitive activities. Genetics and aging may also cause the butt to become flatter.

Genetics plays the strongest role in determining the size and shape of the butt. Additionally, hormonal fluctuations cause the storage of fat in women to shift from the lower body to the stomach as they get older. Weight fluctuations and gravity can also cause the butt to lose shape and become saggy. Want to enhance the size, shape, and volume of the buttocks without surgery? A Sculptra® butt lift is a minimally invasive procedure that can restore a more curvaceous and firmer buttocks.

What is a Sculptra® Butt Lift?

Sculptra® is a biostimulatory filler that contains a biodegradable substance called poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) as its primary active ingredient. It works by promoting the production of the body’s natural collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers that instantly add volume, this filler works gradually. In a Sculptra® butt lift, the filler is injected below the skin to sculpt a curved appearance that is proportional and fits your body shape. A Sculptra® butt lift is only focused on the butt and gluteal area, so it won’t affect other areas on the body, unlike some surgical procedures. This procedure has fewer risks and no downtime compared to surgical butt enhancement. It can improve the proportions of the buttocks, define the contours, treat the “hip dip” area, and add a subtle lift to the buttocks.

Sculptra® Butt Lift

Best for:

      • Lifting and contouring the buttocks
      • Adding more volume
      • Treating cellulite
      • Creating a shapelier figure
      • Enhancing curves
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Who is a Good Candidate for a Sculptra® Butt Lift?

Patients who want a curvier buttock area without the need for surgery may benefit from a Sculptra® butt lift. During your consultation, you should disclose your medical history including any pre-existing conditions and medications you’re taking. Sculptra® butt lifts can sculpt a more voluptuous buttock for individuals of most body types. They may be ideal for a slim patient who has a low body fat percentage and doesn’t have enough excess fat to be grafted to the butt during a surgical butt enhancement procedure. The most suitable patients are those who are healthy and maintain realistic expectations.

Sculptra® Butt Lift Injection Procedure Details

Prior to a Sculptra® butt lift, patients are advised to stop smoking, avoid taking blood thinning medications and herbal supplements for at least two weeks before their appointment, and not drink alcohol for at least forty-eight hours. A Sculptra® butt lift only takes a few minutes to be completed. The nurse will swab the injection area with alcohol to sterilize it and reduce the risk of infection. A topical anesthetic can also be applied to reduce any discomfort. Sculptra® is then injected directly into the buttocks and a bandage will be applied.

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Results and Recovery from a Sculptra® Butt Lift

It’s safe to drive afterward and there is the minimal recovery time from a Sculptra® butt lift. It’s normal to feel sore. You will need to avoid drinking alcohol and do heavy exercise for a few days afterward. The results won’t appear instantly as it takes a while for the injections to stimulate the collagen in the skin. It takes four to eight weeks for the effects from a Sculptra® butt lift to become noticeable. Multiple injections may be needed to optimize the improvements to the shape and volume of the butt. The results last for up to two to five years and are eventually metabolized if not maintained.

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Other Cosmetic Treatments Aside from Sculptra® Butt Lift

Injectable biostimulatory fillers like Sculptra® and Radiesse® are also used for reducing wrinkles and sculpting or lifting the face.

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