Stimulate Collagen for Full Face Rejuvenation in Toronto

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that are used to correct a variety of skin concerns, including wrinkles, hollows, sagging, and deflated areas on the face. They are ideal for lifting and enhancing facial contours. Sculptra® Aesthetic at Toronto’s Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic is a facial bio-stimulant that is used to rejuvenate the full face and add lift while delivering a soft, natural-looking outcome. Treatments are fully personalized by experienced nurse injectors to meet the needs of each individual patient. They can help you find the most suitable product to achieve your goals.

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How Does the Face Change with Age?

Collagen is a protein that is one of the most important building blocks of our skin. It provides strength and structure but over time, our bodies produce less of it, causing the face to become thinner. Elastin is another component, which provides elasticity to the skin. As the collagen and elastin fibers deteriorate with age, and facial fat is lost, this results in a more deflated, gaunt, and hollowed out facial appearance. The face shape changes as the cheeks and temples become thinner while fat shifts downward. By gradually rebuilding collagen, Sculptra® helps to reverse the aging process by sculpting and lifting the face for an overall rejuvenated, younger look.

What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra® is what’s known as a biostimulatory or collagen stimulator filler that addresses the main underlying cause of skin aging–collagen loss. Its primary ingredient is a biodegradable substance called poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) that encourages the production of natural collagen within the body and face. This filler gradually and significantly strengthens the structure of the skin for lifted, sculpted facial features and firmer skin. It increases structural support for long-term rejuvenation of the whole face.

How Does Sculptra® Sculpt the Face?

Sculptra® provides a non-surgical facelift to restore youthful definition to the entire face, rather than just one specific area. By boosting overall facial support, it addresses changes to the face that are caused by age-related loss of facial fat and other components.

This collagen stimulator filler is ideal for the treatment of shallow to deep nasolabial fold contour deficiencies, smile lines, marionette lines (lines that run from the corners of the mouth down to the chin), and enhancing the cheeks, temples, and chin. Sculptra® provides a subtle enhancement and rejuvenation for multiple facial areas to create a more youthful look.


Best for:

      • Full face collagen building and creating lift
      • Reducing wrinkles, deep lines, and folds
      • Correcting signs of facial fat loss and aging
      • Strengthening facial structure
      • Restoring sunken or hollow areas
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Who is a Good Candidate for Sculptra®?

Patients who are over the age of eighteen and are seeking a safe, effective, and long-lasting treatment for the effects of aging on the face may be the best candidates for Sculptra®. Patients who are pregnant, nursing, immunocompromised, prone to keloid scarring, or allergic to ingredients contained in this injectable should not have Sculptra®. It should not be used in areas where there is an active infection or inflammation.

Sculptra® Injection Procedure Details

The nurse will examine your facial appearance, skin tone, and the areas of the face you wish to enhance. After strategic areas to be treated have been marked off, these injection sites are cleansed then an anesthetic ointment or local anesthesia may be provided. This filler is injected deep beneath the skin in areas where facial fat loss or wrinkles have occurred. Sculptra® does not usually cause much discomfort and is well-tolerated. The process may take between fifteen minutes to one hour, depending on which areas are being targeted.

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Results and Recovery from Sculptra®

The most common side effects include swelling, redness, tenderness, mild pain, and bruising. Patients should avoid exercise for the first twenty-four hours. Multiple treatments might be required for optimal results. Unlike many other fillers, the results won’t be immediately noticeable after Sculptra®. They gradually begin to show over the course of one to two months.

As Sculptra® contains PLLA as its active ingredient, the results have a longer lifespan compared to the popular hyaluronic acid fillers. As the microparticle beads of PLLA are broken down, natural collagen takes their place. The results last for up to two years after your last round of injections. Repeat treatments will be needed to preserve results in the long-term and each subsequent treatment re-stimulates your body’s own collagen.

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Other Cosmetic Treatments Aside from Sculptra®

Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic provides an extensive range of minimally invasive dermal fillers such as Radiesse®, another collagen stimulator filler that produces results that are comparable with Sculptra®, along with temporary hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid fillers are soft gels that are injected beneath the skin to sculpt a more youthful, lifted appearance.

When it comes to correcting dynamic wrinkles, wrinkle relaxers such as Botox® are Dysport® are the recommended treatment options. These minimally invasive injectables reduce facial muscle contractions involved in facial expressions so that the skin appears smoother for several months. Photofacial laser skin rejuvenation treatments improve wrinkles and uneven pigmentation or texture.

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