Fractional Laser Treatments for Glowing Skin in Toronto

Aging and everyday life can have a major impact on the appearance of the skin. HALO® at Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic restores a noticeably brighter, more reflective, luminous, and even complexion with a renewed glow. These laser treatments are comfortable for most patients and only have minor downtime.

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What is HALO®?

HALO®, the world’s first hybrid fractional laser treatment, is a fully customizable laser treatment that targets skin damage and visible effects of aging with a high level of precision. These treatments have many benefits including softening fine lines and wrinkles, shrinking pores, improving the brightness of the skin, improving scars, and significantly reducing irregular pigmentation on the surface. Patients can choose to have light treatments and be able to return to work the next day with a refreshed appearance or have deeper treatments for more extensive skin rejuvenation that require just a few days of downtime. This laser works by triggering the natural healing response of the skin. It combines ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to treat skin concerns on deep and superficial levels.


Best for:

      • Texture Irregularities
      • Wrinkles and Fine Lines
      • Dilated Pores
      • Dull Skin
      • Sun Damage and Dyschromia
      • Acne Scars
      • Scars (Surgical/Non-Surgical)
      • Signs of Aging
      • Pigmented Lesions
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How Can You Prepare for HALO®?

A topical anesthetic is applied to the skin around thirty minutes to one hour prior to the HALO® treatment as a way of numbing the area and minimizing any discomfort during the procedure. Motion tracking technology is used to measure the intended treatment area to ensure an even treatment.

HALO® Procedure Details

During a HALO® laser treatment, the handpiece is gently moved across the skin in a uniform manner while cool air blows until the procedure is completed. HALO® is usually well-tolerated by most people. You may feel hot, and it may cause a prickling sensation. Most people only experience minor discomfort due to the topical anesthetic and integrated cooling technology of the device.

Photo Gallery

Want to see what kind of results are possible with facial rejuvenation treatments? Browse high quality before and after images to discover more about the stunning results aesthetic procedures at Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic can produce by visiting our photo gallery.

Results and Recovery from HALO®

It’s common to feel a warm sensation for the next thirty minutes to one hour after your HALO® treatment though more aggressive treatment levels may cause the feeling to persist for a longer time. Regardless of how intense your treatment is, the healing process will be similar for all patients. It’s likely that patients will experience minor, temporary side effects including redness, swelling, and tightness.

The symptoms may feel similar to a sunburn. It will be important to follow guidelines and protect your more fragile skin after laser treatments. The skin that has been laser-treated will have pinpoint brown scabs that peel away after two to six days so that healthy, new skin can take its place at the surface. Patients can resume their daily activities right away though they may need to take a few days of social downtime.

The initial results will usually be visible within just two to seven days and gradually look better as time goes by. Within two to three weeks, most patients will notice the most significant improvements to their skin pigmentation, texture and complexion. The skin will continue to regenerate during the following months.

HALO® is designed for complete skin revitalization so it can be ideal for patients who want to improve the overall tone and texture of their skin.

Many patients achieve stunning results after just one to two HALO® treatments. One of the advantages of this procedure is that patients can choose the number of treatments they desire based on their goals. You can have it on its own as a standalone treatment or as part of a series of multiple treatments. The skin improves after each subsequent treatment. HALO® can provide lasting results and the improvements to the skin will usually be seen for years. However, sun protection will still be crucial if you want to preserve your healthier, clearer skin after this treatment.

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Which Other Cosmetic Treatments Complement HALO®?

Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic offers laser treatments such as photofacial, along with light-treatments including BBL/IPL and SkinTyte®. There are various types of BBL treatments available for rejuvenating skin, clearing acne, and reducing unwanted hair. Spider vein removal makes spider veins or small varicose veins less visible while laser hair removal directs beams of highly concentrated light at hair follicles to reduce unwanted hair.

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