Learn More About Botulinum Toxin Injections to Lift Drooping Mouth Corners in Toronto

Botox® for smile lines in Toronto, also known as DAO Botox®, Botox® for marionette lines or a Botox® smile lift, helps to elevate downturned mouth corners that might give you a frowning or angry look. Our Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic team can explain everything you need to know about Botox® treatments in greater detail when you meet with us.

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Smile Lift Botox®: How Does Botox® for Smile Lines Work?

Botox® for smile lines or downturned smile Botox® is done around the mouth to improve the appearance of a droopy mouth or smile lines. When injected in small amounts, it relaxes targeted muscles in this area. The Botox® for smile lines injections prevent the depressor anguli oris (DAO) muscle from pulling down the corners of the mouth. However, Botox® for smile lines tends to not be as effective on other types of wrinkles called nasolabial folds that become more pronounced due to loss of collagen and sagging tissue.

Botox® for Smile Lines: Masseter Botox® and Smiles

Patients who are having lower face treatments such as masseter Botox® sometimes worry that this will “ruin” their smile. The truth is that this treatment doesn’t target your smile muscles and it should not cause a lopsided or asymmetrical smile.

Are you looking for more advice on the cost of Botox®? If you have been looking up, “Botox® near me” and would like more information on Botox® for smile lines, we can explain everything you can expect from this treatment.

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Beyond Botox® for Smile Lines: What Else Can You Treat with Botox®?

Aside from Botox® for smile lines, there are many other benefits of this injectable neuromodulator.

  • Botox® brow lift raises the eyebrows slightly to make the eyes look brightened.
  • Botox® under eyes addresses wrinkles that develop below the eyes while Botox® around eyes is also available for other wrinkles such as frown lines.
  • Chin Botox® reduces dimples, pebbled skin or creases caused by underlying muscles.
  • Masseter Botox® enhances your jaw shape by reducing enlarged jaw muscles that are causing the jaw to look square or heavy.
  • Trapezius Botox® makes the shoulders look leaner and more sculpted.

Our practice does not offer Botox for migraines, but this medical treatment is also available from some injectors for patients who have chronic headaches.

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Botox® Near Me: Which Cosmetic Treatments Complement Botox®?

Although you may be searching for “Botox® near me” or “Botox® for smile lines,” there are also other cosmetic procedures that you may be interested in for achieving a more youthful, refreshed appearance. Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic offers various types of aesthetic procedures for improving the appearance of wrinkles. In addition to Botox®, we also offer Dysport®, a similar type of botulinum toxin wrinkle relaxer that works on some of the same areas. Unlike Botox®, injectable fillers work by adding volume and lift to certain areas. Fillers can improve wrinkles or enhance facial contours. Lasers and other types of skin care treatments can also help to revitalize your skin.

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