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DAO Botox® in Toronto, also known as Botox® for smile lines, Botox® for marionette lines, Botox® for downturned mouth, or a Botox® smile lift, is a treatment that involves Botox® around the mouth to lift downturned mouth corners that are being pulled down by overactive muscles. Our Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic team can explain everything you need to know about Botox® to lift corners of the mouth in greater detail when you meet with us.

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DAO Botox® for Lines Around Mouth: Should You Get DAO Botox® or Fillers for Marionette Lines?

People sometimes wonder, “Can you get Botox® for frown lines around the mouth?” Botox® for wrinkles around the mouth, which patients sometimes call downturned mouth Botox® or “mouth corners Botox®,” improves the appearance of a drooping or downturned mouth.

DAO Botox® relaxes the muscle around the mouth called the depressor anguli oris (DAO) muscle that is sometimes overactive and pulls down the corners of the mouth. Hyaluronic acid fillers offer a different way of treating marionette lines. They provide volume and support to lift the corners of the mouth. Fillers for marionette lines provide longer lasting and more significant results compared to DAO Botox®.

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DAO Botox®: What Are Some Other Benefits of Botox®?

Aside from DAO Botox® for smile lines, this treatment has many other cosmetic uses for the face and body.

  • Botox® brow lift elevates the height of the eyebrows and reduces wrinkles between the brows.
  • Botox® under eyes reduces wrinkles and muscle bulges below the eyes while Botox® around eyes is also available for crow’s feet or frown lines.
  • Botox® around lips or Botox® for mouth lines softens smoker’s lines.
  • Chin Botox® reduces dimples, pebbled skin or creases caused by underlying muscles.
  • Botox® for nasolabial folds can sometimes improve the appearance of smile lines in this area if they are caused by muscle movements.
  • Masseter Botox® improves the appearance of a square jaw, giving it a slimmer, softened appearance.
  • Trapezius Botox® gives you slimmer-looking shoulders.

We do not Botox for migraines, but this treatment has also been shown to be highly effective for some patients.

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Frown Lines or Mouth Botox®: Which Treatments Complement DAO Botox®?

Avebelle Cosmetic Clinic offers various types of aesthetic procedures for minimizing wrinkles, enhancing the look of the skin, or improving the symmetry and balance of the overall face.

Though Botox® is the more well-known treatment, there are also other alternative options for dynamic wrinkles such as Dysport®. Facial fillers can reduce other types of wrinkles such as deep nasolabial folds and perioral wrinkles, augment features such as the lips or chin, or give you more defined cheeks. Lasers and other types of skin care treatments enhance your general skin tone and quality by addressing concerns such as uneven texture, uneven pigmentation, dullness, or dry skin.

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