Botox dysport and slimmer face

Want a slimmer jawline?

Lower face remodelling  by injection of Botox/Dysport into the Masseter muscles (jaw muscles) can improve the overall shape of the face.  Injecting Botox/Dysport along the jawline causes the over-used muscles to relax until it begins to soften and appear smaller.  This is a very effective treatment in reducing a wide or square jawline. That is the reason the heart-shaped face is considered delicate and most attractive.  


best for

  • Masseter (Jawline)
  • Face Slimming

how it works

Massetter muscle hypertrophy have been one of the factors that determines the lower face shape and volume. This condition is treated with botulinum toxin (Botox/Dysport) injection that leads to the muscle atrophy. This treatment results in  decrease of the volume that muscle uptakes for a more defined and enhanced lower face.  Botox/Dysport injection into these muscles is also ideal for patients who are suffering from TMJ ,grinding and clenching their teeth. 

The procedure is done in clinic with fine needles with no downtime. The results appear 2-4 weeks after the injection. Facial volume remains reduced 6 months after treatment.

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